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Thank You All!

For those of you who were unable to attend, we had a great meeting this year!  ​ The Chief of the La Plata Police Department, gave a very infomative talk on the state of our Town & Community.  We got the new budget approved (no change in dues) and even installed a added a few new officers to the HOA staff.  Check out the NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!  


New Facebook Page!

Please keep your kids dressed warmly and be mindful of the windchill factor.  Pets are also at risk when the Temperature drops.  Be a good neighbor,  keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

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It's COLD!  

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 We are getting the Turkey Day 5K planed out. Volenteers will be need to help make the event a success. Guides, regestration staff and Midpoint checkpoint personnel are needed. Please contact Jeannine at : The meeting/block party was a Great success!  The weather cleared, we got the budget passed and had a very pleasant evening with new friends and old.  We are looking toward the next event and are seeking input from the membership.  Send us your ideas! 


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